Phidgets22 and VBA References

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Phidgets22 and VBA References

Postby ZRuzycky » Wed May 23, 2018 11:31 am

Hi. I've been using Phidgets21 for a while now, with no interest in upgrading to Phidgets22 . . . until the April update to Windows 10, after which Phidgets21 stopped working. I tried to 'Repair' with no success. I then tried to uninstall, which eventually worked. I then installed Phidgets22 without incident, but . . . I can't seem to find the VBA 'References' for MS Access. Am I missing something? I'm looking for an 'ocx', 'olb' or 'tlb' to add manually, or should I be trying a 'dll' instead? Or . . . is VBA no longer supported, in which case, what do I do? Not sure if I can re-install Phidgets21 again, but I'll give it another shot. Thx

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Re: Phidgets22 and VBA References

Postby mparadis » Wed May 23, 2018 11:34 am

VBA is no longer a supported language under Phidget22. It is still possible to install the Phidget21 drivers, and there is no conflict between the two drivers so you don't need to uninstall Phidget22.

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