datarate on DigitalInput

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datarate on DigitalInput

Postby lobsterman » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:06 pm

i managed to set the datarate on the VoltageInput but no equivalent option is available in DigitalInput ... what gives? i see there is a getState() but how often is that updated? no info that i can find and no way to change it. any info greatly appreciated.

all i am trying to do is poll the voltage and digital inputs on the IFK at a specific time of my choosing - ok, so i am trying to poll them quite a few times a second, but nothing the hardware can't handle

ok so i am really struggling to plug that new "much improved" phidget framework into my java solutions that are working perfectly adequately with 2.1.8. so, i have to vent ... those various design decisions for 2.2 IMHO suck ... you attach each separate channel, rather than attaching one piece of hardware like you did in 2.1.8? i am sure you have good reasons but then at least guide the user through them. unfortunately the API pages are unintuitive and superficial at best (no standard javadoc?), the samples are incomplete for the most common options, the libraries are buggy, the instructions are less than informative ... honestly, you guys whiffed on the very strengths Phidgets used to have? .. ok, i feel better now.

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Re: datarate on DigitalInput

Postby Patrick » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:24 pm

Digital input update rate is specified in the product specs - this will depend on which board you are using. We don't have data interval on digital inputs because events are only fired when the state changes between true and false.

phidget21 is still supported, you only need to move to phidget22 if you are going to be using the new VINT Hub and associated VINT Phidgets, which are not supported in phidget21.

phidget22 is still a very new library, and will improve over time much the way phidget21 has since we released it in 2006. We know it's not perfect at launch, but we are still proud of it.


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