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|style="background: #f0f0f0" align=center| 1.403.517.3063
|style="background: #f0f0f0" align=center| 1.403.517.3063
'''Note:''' If you bank requires our "14-digit account number" use: 10019057377001
'''Note:''' If your bank requires our "14-digit account number" use: 10019057377001

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Wire transfers are only accepted for orders over $200 (excluding shipping charges)

Please e-mail when a wire transfer has been sent; let us know the amount of the transfer and which invoice(s) you are paying.

Any fees charged by the sending bank are your responsibility. Please make sure that the amount sent to us covers the invoice(s) total amount due.

If you have any questions call us at 403.282.7335, send us a fax at 403.282.7332, or e-mail us at

Here is the information that you must provide your bank to transfer Canadian funds to our CAD bank account.

Cdn flag.gif Transfers in CANADIAN CURRENCY
Swift Code: HKBCCATT
Bank Name: HSBC Bank Canada
Branch Address 347 58 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2H 0P3
Branch Transit: 10019
Institution: 016
Beneficiary Account Number: 057377-001
Beneficiary Name: Phidgets Inc.
Beneficiary Address: Unit #1 6115 4th St. S.E.
Calgary, AB, Canada T2H2H9
Bank Phone: 1.403.517.3063

Note: If your bank requires our "14-digit account number" use: 10019057377001