Notice: This page contains information for the legacy Phidget21 Library. Phidget21 does not support VINT Phidgets, and will not support any new Phidgets. Phidget21 will be maintained until 2020. We recommend that new projects be developed against the Phidget22 Library.

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User Projects

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A wide variety of projects can be completed with Phidgets. This list shows the breadth of applications, from drones to monitoring and control systems. We've only selected some of the most popular projects, but for a complete look and an up-to-date list of where Phidgets have been used, check out the Phidgets Pinterest Board.

For more project ideas, check out our Application Notes.

If you'd like to share your project here, contact us.

Phidgets Contests



From their website: "he RoboDose uses an industry standard controller to automate the process of an everyday problem. We took the provided Phoenix Contact Nanoline PLC starter kit and their Nano-Navigator software and produced what we believe could be the answer to an everyday issue. Our team worked through numerous design sessions in order to arrive at this year’s solution. Our team of two boys and three girls made the decision to solve the problem of the elderly forgetting to take, remembering when to take, and trying to recall how many of each medication to take. Our device was designed to eliminate the need of weekly/daily pill organizers and caregivers having to individually dispense and monitor prescriptions we created a product that could safely and securely dispense the proper dosages, multiple times a day. The machine was designed to notify caregivers or family members if proper dosages were not taken in a timely manner."


Converse Canvas Experiment


Perfect Fools made a screen of converse shoes that rotate to show red, white or blue. Images are fed from a computer and the shows turn to create the 12' tall display.




Using Phidget servo motors, a ship is steered around a map, showing the trade routes that the Portuguese took in the 1500s.


Falcon Robotics AUVSI


The team from Carl Hayden High School developed several underwater vehicles that have won several prizes.


Planet Tree

Planet tree.jpg

The Planet Tree installation by Wit Pimkanchanapong uses 300 Phidgets servo motors to create the effect of leaves turning in the wind.