Notice: This page contains information for the legacy Phidget21 Library. Phidget21 does not support VINT Phidgets, and will not support any new Phidgets. Phidget21 will be maintained until 2020. We recommend that new projects be developed against the Phidget22 Library.

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Preamble about the OS.

Recommended Languages

We recommend the following languages for Mac OS X:

You can also use these languages, but they do not support event driven code, and must use logic code only:

Installing Libraries and Drivers

You can download the current version of the drivers for Mac OS X below:

Requires Mac OS 10.4 or Higher. Supports ppc, intel 32-bit and intel 64-bit.

Phidgets Preference Pane

Explain the control panel
The examples in the preference pane are as is, and is intended for demonstration purposes. They are not suitable for user applications. 

It is important to keep in mind that when an example Phidget application is opened from the preference pane, it holds a lock on the Phidget. This prevents any other program from accessing the Phidget. Please ensure that this example application is closed(the Phidgets Preference Pane can still be running) when you are running your own applications. 

Common Problems and Solutions

  • List relevant problems from "Common Problems and workarounds" doc
  • List common problems for this OS from support forums


List any limitations associated with running Phidgets with this OS.