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Digital Output (LED)

DigitalOutputLED Example.jpg

When you double click on an LED object, a window like the one pictured will open.

  • At the top of the window, information about your device and the properties of this particular channel will be listed.
  • In the middle, the on/off button will toggle the state of the LED. The duty cycle slider will control the effective power supplied to the LED, where 0.0 is "none" and 1.0 "full power".
  • At the bottom there's a selection for the current limit and forward voltage mode. Set the current limit to whatever the forward current is specified as in the LED's datasheet. When choosing a forward voltage setting, higher settings will make the LED glow brighter until the LED reaches the set current limit. Past that point, setting the voltage limit higher will simply burn more power in the controller chip to limit the current. It is recommended to set the forward voltage to the first setting above the maximum voltage specified on the LED's datasheet.