DCC1100 - no output

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Re: DCC1100 - no output

Postby luneart » Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:32 pm

Hi, sorry for the delay for my answer. 
The model reference is KY110AS0207-15 (exactly that on the Web page shared previously). Here is a pic of my setup:
Following the power line, here is a break down: power supply (30V), connected to the vint hub (Wi-Fi or ethernet connexions) and the power guard, DCC connected to the powerguard, BLDC connected to DCC. 

Since my last post I found out I miswired the hall sensor (I wired a 'negative' signal instead of the positive one).
However I can't get the phidgets to work now to test:
 - the vint hub looked like it shut off as soon as the power guard started powering the DCC (I tried monitoring the power supply tension with a multimeter, but it only shows a constant 30V)
 - I powered it through another power supply (with lower tension) and it doesn't shut off on it's own anymore
 - now, the powerguard 'detaches' during while waiting for attachment of the DCC. It reattaches just after but then it times out. Phidgets' logs show no errors (atttached). attached program (compiled with "gcc motorTest-SAF+DCC.c -Wall -o HelloWorld -lphidget22") output:

Code: Select all

Attach PhidgetDigitalInput!
State: 0
Attach PhidgetPowerGuard!
L118: fan set
L125: output limited to 30V
L142: power guard on, opening DCC1100....
Detach PhidgetPowerGuard!
Attach PhidgetPowerGuard!
Error (3): Timed Out

Any idea? 
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Re: DCC1100 - no output

Postby fitchett » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:50 am

So, the short answer is your motor is really, really huge. Much too big for the little DCC1100.

Still interested in working with you, but we need a tighter line of communication. Can you email support@phidgets.com?

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