Phidget Steppers disconnecting?

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Phidget Steppers disconnecting?

Postby josh.williams » Tue May 19, 2020 1:51 pm


I am running a number of Phidget devices connected to a VINT Hub.

I have:
    2 of 4A Phidget Steppers (STC1003_0)
    1 of 2x DC Motor Phidget (DCC1003_0)
    1 of Barometer Phidget (PRE1000_0)
    1 of Differential Air Pressure Sensor (1126_0)
    1 of 8x Voltage Input Phidget (DAQ1000_0), with 2 of IR Reflective Sensor (1146_0) connected to it.

I keep running into an issue where one of my steppers will time out and cause my program to fail.

I am using failsafe timers on my stepper and DC motor Phidgets, and have them set to 10 seconds. The timers are reset every ~1 second.

Only my stepper Phidgets seem to time out, never the DC motor Phidgets.

Does anyone have any ideas why this may be happening, and how to fix it?


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