Calibration of spatial 1042

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Calibration of spatial 1042

Postby IanBloomfield » Mon Oct 29, 2018 7:13 pm


can I ask regarding the magnetometer aspect of the phidget spatial. I read regarding the calibration software. I have two phidgets connected via a VINT. it defaults to one so I sequentially connected them and ran the calibration software. following the instructions.

I'm using MAX/MSP for my programming language - just because i liked the GUI having no coding background. there is no API for settingmagnetometer calibration in the MAX API.

In the calibration program it says that the calibration is then written into the firmware of the phidget -
1) does this mean I do not need to do any calibration in my software?
2) if calibration is successful what should I see with regards to the graph?

for me - it translates the circle of readings centred on the xyz centre and projects a green line which points slightly up from what I assume is the x axis suggesting magnetic north to be just up from the horizontal plane????

I'm in Australia, Brisbane.

have I interpreted that correctly? its just that one guide I read suggested that if my magnetometer was calibrated correctly then two values should read 0 if its on a horizontal plane.

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