Correct Sensor Type for MOT2002_0 ?

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Re: Correct Sensor Type for MOT2002_0 ?

Postby jdecoux » Fri Oct 23, 2020 1:43 pm

A sensor type for MOT2002 has been added to the latest release of the Phidget22 library that will automatically filter incoming data and provide a 1 if there is motion or 0 if there is not.

It is actually 3 sensor types (MOT2002_LOW, MED and HIGH), corresponding to low, medium and high sensitivity.

Upon selecting the sensor type, the sensor value will be treated as Out of Range until the sensor has had a 5 second period of no motion to establish a baseline to compare against.

You will need to set your DataInterval on the channel to 200ms for the filtering to work as intended.

I hope this helps!

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