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TypeScript support

Postby TorbjornLunde » Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:32 am

Like many people I'm using TypeScript for many of my JavaScript-based projects as it provides compile time type checking, better tooling, etc…

While I can certainly use the Phidgets JavaScript library as-is considering that TypeScript is fully compatible with JavaScript. However, it would be really nice to get the usual advantages of TypeScript also when using the Phidgets library.

Are there any plans to add full support for TypeScript?

As far as I know TypeScript support can be added by (1) converting code fully into TypeScript (which compiles to readable JavaScript and can be done gradually), (2) by using type annotations in plain JavaScript or (3) by creating a TypeScript interface definition file (d.ts).

I would really appreciate having TypeScript support when using Phidgets!

In either case, thanks for creating and maintaining this wonderful hardware platform.

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