2018 does not work on mac, it does on the SBC3

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2018 does not work on mac, it does on the SBC3

Postby fransbosman » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:54 am

I upgraded the phidget libraries on my macbook to phidget22. Also the SBC3 I have runs on phidget22 now.
When I look with the Phidget control panel all phidgets (attached to the SBC3) are visible, and I can look/control at the individual channels. So far so good, however,..
I have a 1018 attached to the USB port of the mac directly. This kit is visible in the control panel, but when I double click on either one of the in- or outputs, it does not work. The window that is opened says nothing is attached. There is a additional error event log stating " Local open failed with error: 0x1c - Unexpected Error "
When I try to control it from the java panel in a browser, I get a timeout error.

When I attach the same kit to an USB port on the SBC3, it does work, I can control it from the control panel, so the interface kit is OK, and also the communication from the phidget control panel in principle works for this kit.

So why does it not work when attached as local phidget?
My macbook has USB3 only, could that be the problem??

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