Transfering Files to SBC via PuTTy (pspc) under Windows 10

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Transfering Files to SBC via PuTTy (pspc) under Windows 10

Postby fajitas23 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:06 am

If you already have PuTTy running, its easiest to install WinSCP
it will automatically transfer your PuTTy settings (if saved) and is easy to use (GUI). I still don't know how to transfer data from my SBC command line (keyboard or putty) to the Windows PC. Any pointers appreciated.

Original Post:
Following these instructions worked for me. ... #section-1

After installing putty and adding it to your path (see point 5) you can then transfer a file to your sbc by entering

pscp C:\info.txt root@

in the windows command line (win+q cmd) where info.txt is a file on your host PC, root is your username on the SBC, is the ip address of your SBC (when using the SBC via external screen and keyboard you can type ifconfig on your SBC to find it's IP). /usr/info.txt is the destination and name of the file that you copied.

Hope this helps.

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