A couple problems with my SBC4

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A couple problems with my SBC4

Postby temushin » Sun Sep 27, 2020 10:14 am

I posted about this earlier, but the problem took care of itself, so I deleted the post... but it's back.

When I restart my computer, it's kind of hit or miss as to whether my SBC shows up in the control panel under "Network Phidgets", though it always shows up under "Phidgets". Whether it's connected to the network wirelessly or via ethernet doesn't seem to matter.

The second problem, which may more may not be related, is that I have a humidity phidget (hum1001_0) that works with my VINT hub, but doesn't show up when connected to the SBC. I've obviously tried plugging it in to different ports, including ports that normally have other functioning phidgets plugged in, and changing the cable to known-working cables.

Any trouble-shooting suggestions?

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