programming temperature control in a room

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programming temperature control in a room

Postby JosV » Fri Dec 26, 2014 5:14 am

I got Phidgets modules (temperature an humidity sensor ans an interface),coupled with a little Win8 computer with Visual Basic 6 to control the roomtemperature T = 21 degree C) by a district waterheating system as heating source. So, the room temperature T is controlled by an open / close valve in an heat-supplying hotwatersystem. I did not program the VB6 and now I got a pendling problem: when the heating setpoint in the room is reached, the valve continuously opens and closes. The end of the valve-lifetime will approacht soon in this way....
So, I am looking for a VB-6 program which controls the valve at for a maximum of about 4 times each hour and within the limit of d = +/- 0,3 degreeC. This possibly can be reached by the statical average of the roomtemperature during 15 minutes to control the valve; or opening the valve at a temperature 20,7 and close it at 21,3 and where d can be varied by input with the keyboard / touchscreen.
Please does someone has an VB-6 program file to solve the pendling problem, or give me an alternative way? Thanks!!!

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