Contest Entry - Falcon Robotics AUV

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Contest Entry - Falcon Robotics AUV

Postby Falcon Master » Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:33 pm

This project is about building an underwater remotely operated vehicle that can operate underwater all on its own. We are a Title 1 high school in Phoenix, AZ. Title one basically means the students here are poor and receive aid from the government. The Falcon Robotics team was created to give the students exposure to STEM in a fun, practical and exciting way, outside the classroom. The project is one of several projects that the team works on per year. We receive all our funding through sponsors, no school funds are used.

Here is our project webpage

Here are the phiget components we are using
1 X 1019_1 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 w/6 Port Hub
6 X 1065_0 - PhidgetMotorControl 1-Motor
2 X 1014_2 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4
2 X 1017_1 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/8
1 X 1122_0 - 30 Amp Current Sensor AC/DC
1 X 1135_0 - Precision Voltage Sensor
1 X 1142_0 - Light Sensor 1000 lux
2 X 3060_0 - USB Isolator
3 X 3560_0 - Magnetic Contact Switch BR-1014
1 X 1044_0 - PhidgetSpatial Precision 3/3/3 High Resolution

These are all connected and coordinated by an Mini ITX computer. Intel Ivy processor, 1.7 ghz

Here is a Journal paper

We design our electronics lattice on Autodesk Inventor and had it 3-D printed by PADT, a local company. We designed our electronics lattice to be removable so it can be worked on without the need of having the AUV. The programmers can connect to the Lattice while its outside of the hull. We built this AUV with a modular insert so that in the future a different module can be built and inserted into the AUV. The lattice also has a cooling system that runs 80 cfm of air along the hull for about 1 foot and then combine to one duct to push through the CPU heat sink, the return air has to travel the full 2 foot length of the hull to return to the front where the fans are located. With the hull sealed and out of the water the CPU core temp never exceeds 40 C. in water it runs even cooler!

We designed an operator interface that connects to the AUV computer via remote desktop and displays all the data that is being generated by the AUV, including raw video, filtered video and tracking video. We can also record all the data and play it back in the operator interface like we are running the mission again. This of course is only possible when we are tethered to the AUV which is primarily for the testing and programming development. It can also be tethered during a survey run at the competition, but not during a final run.


Here are some videos
Our best run, showing us navigating through the starting gate, locating the first path marker, hitting a red buoy, finding the second path marker and then navigating through the second gate
Here it in in dual view
Here is our video page, for many more videos including testing

For Pictures we have two Picasa albums on this page

The following are just more pics showing various features




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Re: Contest Entry - Falcon Robotics AUV

Postby frodegill » Sat Oct 26, 2013 12:23 pm

I don't think we understood the contest. There were no discussions prior to the deadline (personally, I was waiting for the deadline), and after the dealine the contest forum was either unavailable or read-only for a long time.

Anyways, we had a fair contest with an amazing number of interesting projects, and IMHO a very worthy winner.

(Care to share a few words on how you celebrated the victory and how you will make use of the prize?)

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