any programmers wants to tackle my project for a fair price?

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any programmers wants to tackle my project for a fair price?

Postby foei » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:13 pm

I am new to programming (totally clueless), but willing to learn.
I have purchased the interface 2/2/2 with a 1127 precision light senor and ssr 3052.

I need to built a program that:

When one of the digital input (0) of the interface kit is "on" (being that the yellow wire is attached to the black ground wire though a on-off switch), then I want the interface kit to use the light sensor to detect the amount of lights available (semi dark environment). I want a trigger event: that when the light sensor detects a sudden increase in light level (lights being turned on), then it will instruct the interface kit to activate the digital output through the ssr 3052. I want to be able to adjust the trigger value in order to activate the ssr 3052.

Lets say:
I activate the digital input (0) of the interface 2/2/2 with the on-off switch. Then the interface must detect the amount of light present via the 1127 sensor. When there is a sudden increase in light level, then the interface 2/2/2 will activate the digital output connected to a SSR 3052 relay. The trigger value (amount of light) I must be able to change the value easily.

Is something like this possible? if yes and you are willing to make te code for me, I will pay you. I am lost in this programming issue. thanks

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Re: any programmers wants to tackle my project for a fair pr

Postby yellowfever13 » Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:53 pm

I do contract programming for a living. I charge $90 per hour, and this sounds very simple, so it shouldn't take long, probably 3-4 hours max. You would need to ship me the phidgets/sensors you are using so I can debug and ensure functionality.

If interested, text me 405.823.1880

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