Different types of voltage outputs from same DAQ

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Different types of voltage outputs from same DAQ

Postby vhha1972 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:15 pm

Hi All,

I am stuck with a problem.

I have a task whereby I am supplying 6V to a pressure sensor. This is supplied inside a while loop using a constant value of 6 -- "one sample on demand."

At the same time I have to supply pulse width modulated (PWM) voltage to a pressure release valve. This valve is CLOSES (ON) on 4V and OPENS (OFF) at 0V. I kind of want to flap this valve (OPEN-CLOSE) at a certain rate to achieve a specified leakage in the the system.

I used another channel of my DAQ Book and gave it simulated square wave. However, this requires the DAQ to be set at "continuous samples." So, there is a conflict.

I tried to supply my 6V to the pressure sensor using "continuous samples" but it failed. Also, I tried to configure the DAQ for simulated signal as "one sample on demand." Again it failed!

Please see the VI attached.

Is there a simple and consistent way to send the desired voltages to both devices?

Thanks a lot!


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