'Simple' network project

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'Simple' network project

Postby 1414kt » Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:58 pm

I would like to make and control a simple 'hand' so that i use it to press a button on a tv remote control. I want to be able to do that remotely via the internet whilst watching the hand via a webcam. On the face of it a simple challenge - but I don't know where to start. :shock: Does any one have any advice or can you propose and overview solution? Many thanks in atiticipation.


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Re: 'Simple' network project

Postby dengfengsoft » Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:55 pm

If I understand you correctly,you need the following phidgets products:

a.1055_0 PhidgetsIR
http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?ca ... _id=1055_0
b.1072_0 Phidgets SBC
http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?ca ... _id=1072_0
c.3402_0 USB Webcam
http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?ca ... _id=3402_0

In your software programming, you can use 1055_0 PhidgetsIR to learn the infrared signal from your tv remote control, and open the webcam which is connected to the SCB to view your hand.

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Re: 'Simple' network project

Postby frodegill » Mon Apr 09, 2012 2:16 pm

If I understand you correctly, you actually want to create a physical "hand", and based on input from the internet, move it and press a button on a physical remote control while streaming video of it.

To me, I see these tasks:

1) Get input from internet. Probably a REST WebService called from a normal web browser. To avoid multi-user problems, I would make a singleton and only approve request when hand is idle.

2) Move hand. A 1062 and 3 stepper motors (X, Y and Z) moving the tip of a finger would do the job.

3) Stream video. There are heaps of ready sollutions for this. Buy a cheap webcam with streaming software

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