Software Download Deadend

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Software Download Deadend

Postby Dovepistil » Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:02 pm

I bought a Phidget Encoder 1052, installed software per instructions, and had the example program running promptly. I just bought a new computer, followed software installation instructions, and was promptly stopped dead.

The link you are instructed to use, Downloads, has been removed. Would it be be all that difficult to leave the old Download link in place and just have it point to the new Drivers page? It seems like an awfully simple way to save a lot of people some head scratching time.

Once you intuit your way to the page now serving up downloads, you find that the Phidget21.msi file that you have been instructed to download is nowhere to be found. Ditto for the specified file. Use of the site search function directs you to multiple Phidget documentation files on your site which still contain the incorrect software downloading instructions. It would be a very considerable courtesy to the hundreds of folks who are following the obsoleted downloading instructions if you would post a single sentence at the top of the Drivers page, "The functionality of the Phidgets.msi and the files is now in the Phidget 21 Installer listed below." Being a programmer, I knew that the .msi suffix specifies a MicroSoft Installer and guessed correctly where I needed to go. A kid trying to get his Phidget widget working might not be so lucky.

Surely, both of these minor edits wouldn't take your web jockey more than a few minutes, and would save many more minutes than that for customers becoming stuck following obsolete instructions.

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