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Full web monitor

Postby Gnorry » Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:01 am

Good morning everybody,

my name is Martino and I write from Italy. I have bought a few weeks ago a 1072 SBC to manage from a web page the 24 board signals that our Phidgets has. I see the "Web page on the SBC" and now also my SBC has it but it's not so easy for me to make a code that:

1)read countinously the state of the input digital and analog (with a voltage and current sensors that must be setted up) from a html page

2)read countinuosly the digital output and can change the state of the output from a html page

3)Store these data once every (how fast we can!) of a week more or less that can be see by a graph

I try to search something into the web but I don't find anything and i wonder if you have something ready also without store the data but only read countinously from a custom web page.
Now I'm trying with Python but I don't know neither if it's the correct language.

Thank you very much in advice

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Re: Full web monitor

Postby mparadis » Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:53 pm

Have you seen our application guide on setting up a web page with the SBC? It should help you get started with displaying information from the SBC on a webpage, at least.

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