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Lost Connection?

Postby Snakesitter » Fri May 29, 2009 1:55 pm

Within the past week, I have twice experienced as situation where the InterfaceKit somehow lost connection with its six sensor inputs (four temp, one temp/humidity). I am on a Mac and controlling the setup with Applescript; the Interface Kit is connected via a 50-foot extension cable and a USB hub. The incidents were as follows:

The first of these was May 23. Starting at 00:15:00, the Phidgets hardware ceased to report any changes in temperature. Every time this happens, I have a variable called “RackCycles” increment by one. Well, at 17:05:00 that night, RackCycles hit 84. At 17:10:00 that night, something gave way. The TempUpdate script began executing only partway, showing the first three parts of my script. As I was on vacation, this went on for days. I came home to find the computer only semi-responsive, Indigo hanging, and the error dialog “The Indigo Server is currently not responding. Either your network connection is no longer reliable or the Indigo server is not running.” Try as I might, I could not get the system back on-line without a hard shutdown (button in the back).

Four days later, on May 27 – two days after fixing the above crash – it happened again. The temp updates ceased at 10:20:00, RackCycles hit 83 at 17:15:00, and the partial script began at 17:20:00. This time, however, the computer was not hanging, so I was able to investigate further. A “stop server” command did not draw any response (similar to before)…until, several minutes later, I got a “Disconnected from Indigo Server” response. As a restart would not work, I quit Indigo. When the program came back up, I received “Failed to connect to Indigo Server. The Indigo Server is either unreachable over the network or is not running.” This time, however, a server restart worked, and everything began to function normally again. Further investigation revealed that the Phidgets InterfaceKit was registering normally, but the sensors connected to it were not. It took restart of both the USB hub to which the Kit is connected and a restart of the computer itself to get them started again.

Would anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you,

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