Please Help! Stepper Full sample program Resets Constantly!

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Please Help! Stepper Full sample program Resets Constantly!

Postby Usfighter » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:04 am

Hello everyone,

I have a 1063 stepper controller board and a laptop connected via USB to the board driving a bipolar stepper. I am using the Stepper-Full sample VB code to allow me to control the speed and direction of the motor.

The first problem I had was the range for current position to desired position was too narrow - I needed the motor to just run as long as I needed it so I changed the scope. That seems to be fine.

The problem is this program seems to just reset for no apparent reason. It's driving me crazy because this is being used in a fixture for my work to move a part and I have to constantly keep turning the motor back on. Seems to run fine a while then just keeps resetting!

Does anyone know why this is happening? All I need is a slider to control speed that's all. Is there a better program out there?

Thank you!


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