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HUB not detected by control panel in wireless mode

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 3:25 am
by tyman
Just received my HUB5000 (s/n 596510)

Am able to set it up, but I can not see the HUB listed in the Phidgets Control Panel when in wireless mode.

However when I connect it to a wired LAN, I can see it listed and am able to upgrade the firmware to the latest.

-Set up the wireless as client and input SSID/password
-Install Bonjour
-Router is Asus RT-AC5300
- in Asus control panel I can see that the HUB5000 is connected to Wifi.
- the HUB is about 2m (6 ft)away from the router

So far:
I have tested on 2 PC. One windows 8 and another Win10 both showing same issue.
Re-install Phidget driver and re-boot PC.
I have also hard reset the HUB for about 3~4 times and re configure the parameters

What could be the problem? Please help!

Re: HUB not detected by control panel in wireless mode

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 9:06 am
by Patrick

Could be an issue with mDNS relay through your WiFi router - are you able to connect to the HUB5000 via it's IP address in your browser when it's on WiFi?

Is you PC connected to the same WiFi network, or connected to the same lan via ethernet? Sometimes rebooting the PC can resolve Bonjour issues, but I don't thank that's your problem.