Databases on the SBC

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Databases on the SBC

Postby morgan » Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:23 am

Going back over my previous research, I can see I was experimenting with Derby and HSQLDB... And now I am seeing a few posts for SQLlite on the SBC3. I'm still playing around with the SBC1, so i'm not sure if SQLlite is an option to me, but I will buy an SBC3 soon.

So far in my testing, it looks like I've had the most success with HSQLDB. I was able to create a table, and add a row. However the data would not be maintained as persistent, when the app restarted, it was gone (and not due to a dropped table, etc.).

I would like a database that will maintain the data, even on power fail. It would be nice if i could choose the location for the data files, and it would be awesome if multiple userspace applications could access the same data simultaneously. is that possible?

What database should I be using? Can someone post some sample code to get connected, and I will test to see if I can save the data in the database!


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Re: Databases on the SBC

Postby Patrick » Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:50 am

SQLite allows for multiple connections:

I have always found it to be a very good embedded database, and fast.


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