sample and boilerplate requested (newb)

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sample and boilerplate requested (newb)

Postby CohesiveTechnology » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:46 pm

I have a SBC2 connected to a IFK 0/0/4. Digital inputs 1 through 6 are connected directly to LV switches and the LEDs embedded in those six switches are wired to digital outputs 1 through 6. All of this is known to function.

My goal is to have digital inputs 1 through six monitored continuously from boot. If any switch is true, make the associated digital output (the LED) true. Also Digital inputs 1 through 4 set true changes the state of the corresponding IFK relay to true.

I am a developer, but new to Java and Phidgets. Does anyone have an example that approximates my function?

Most grateful

David Falkenstein
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