Unable to install Adhoc build iPhone using Flash CS6

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Unable to install Adhoc build iPhone using Flash CS6

Postby varun » Sat Oct 25, 2014 6:43 am

I have successfully submitted 2 versions of the application. There are 2 different versions for iPad and iPhone separately. These were developed using Adobe Flash CS6 and AIR SDK - The category is Lifestyle and app is free.
Now I wanted to add new feature of push notification to both iPad and iPhone versions. I have successfully tested the development version with development profiles and certificates over iPad and iPhone.
Before submitting the app to Appstore I was trying to test the Adhoc version with production environment and profiles but application was not installing to the iPad, it is the same iPad that is used for development. But after searching forums and other help Adhoc version was not installed to iPad the solutions that were tried are as under:
1. Create new certificates and profile for Adhoc
2. Change Entitlement tags in Application xml file
3. Remove existing profiles from iPad to avoid error.
4. Update OS version of iPad to 8.1
But once I try to last point -  [4] even development version is not installing. Because there are no provision profiles installed.
Can you please help/guide me how to fix it? I need to test both development and Adhoc versions on the iPad and iPhone.
Some more information -->>
// Development Entitlement key - it is working fine with development environment
//Adhoc Entitlement key - it is not working application does not gets installed, icon turns dark and keeps saying installing once you hit the App icon. I am trying to install app using iTunes, after publishsing in Flash CS6 for Adhoc.
// If I try installing using install application to connected device after publishing then the error is:
Device Error: Please check if there is enough space on the device.
But I have enough space on iPhone that I am testing. Remember development version is installing successfully and working fine for notifications.

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