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PhidgetBridge4 VB2008 program locking while doing Bridge.Clo

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:59 am
by DenisFerrari
I've just completed in Visual Basic 2008 a simple application for my PhidgetBridge4 sensor, reading 3 load cells and doing some simple calculation.

No problems at all in configuring, opening and using the device, that is great.

Only problem I have is that very often, while doing Bridge.Close(), my VB2008 app locks and stop responding and if I debug it, it's stopped exactly on the Bridge.Close() method.

See here a simple shot of one typical freezing point : ... g.jpg?dl=0

My simple program is composed by 3 forms, all of 3 displaying Bridge read data, every time I passo to another form I do Bridge.Close(), then Me.Hide and then Newform.Show.

Also, since I've still not been able to pass the Bridge object opened in one Form into another Form, what I do is just closing the object while Deactivating the current form (Me.Hide) and reopening it on other Form Activation (Bridge.Open() etc.).

As told, all seems working fine except that very often while losing focus from one form (or deactivating it) program stops responding and freezes on Bridge.Close() row of the closing Form.

Any idea or suggestion is very appreciated.

Thank you very much
Kind regards.

Re: PhidgetBridge4 VB2008 program locking while doing Bridge

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:33 am
by DenisFerrari
Hi, just an update about my application often freezing while losing focus on a Form, locking on Bridge.Close() row :
after using Phidget21.NET.dll in place of Phidget21.NET1.1.dll, all my problems went away.
Tested on my W10 pc, using Visula Basic 2008, Visual Basic 2010 and eVisual Studio 2017 : no problems at all :)