Phidgets 1019, 1018, 1103 proximity sensor - noise triggers?

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Phidgets 1019, 1018, 1103 proximity sensor - noise triggers?

Postby jmooresj » Mon May 09, 2016 2:25 pm

This was originally posted in the "All Other Phidgets" but I have had no replies on it or response from customer service. Since we're using a 1019 and 2 1018's per machine I feel it may also be relevant here...

I have a project where we're trying to detect a small piece of paper dropping through a tube, in a way in which sometimes it flutters through and sometimes it takes a dive through the tube. We have 6 tubes, and 4 sensors per tube set up crossing each other in a way in which every section of where the paper can fall is accounted for. This requires very high sensitivity.

Recently, I've been running into the issue of noise through the tube, I only account between 5% and 95% (if value >= 50 AND <= 950) but need the sensitivity as high as possible. On the latest builds with the recent orders of 1103s I get tubes randomly triggering between these values with nothing going through. Sometimes replacing the sensor resolves it but it seems to be happening to more and more brand new sensors.

Is there any suggestions on how to reduce or ignore the noise pragmatically? If not is there any suggestions on why the noise is occurring so frequently now? View image in url for reference on how the tubes are set up...

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