Detecting presence of AC Mains voltage with 1012

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Re: Detecting presence of AC Mains voltage with 1012

Postby mparadis » Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:23 pm

Actually the 1018 wouldn't work for switching motors on and off, because it doesn't have enough power available on its digital outputs for a motor (at least, not without adding relays and power supplies).

I would recommend the 1012, because it has the digital inputs you need, but it also has open collector digital outputs which behave like little relays. Basically, when you turn one of these outputs on, it will switch that line to ground. So what you would do is get an external power supply for the motor, connect the positive end to the positive wire of the motor, and connect the negative end of the power supply to the ground on the 1012. Then, connect the negative wire of the motor to one of the digital outputs on the 1012. This way, when the output is activated, the circuit will switch to ground thus completing the circuit and allowing current to flow through the motor. You could control up to 16 motors in this way as long as you have enough external power.

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Re: Detecting presence of AC Mains voltage with 1012

Postby csmith848 » Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:20 pm

wow - that's fantastic information mparadis, thank you very much!

I just read through the details of the 1012 board and think I understand how it will apply to my project.. As you say, as long as I don't need a continuous stream of information (e.g. back emf controlled motor) this board will be great.. I guess I'll have another think as to whether just starting/stopping motors will be a fine enough level of control. Thanks again!!

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