problems with the 1014

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problems with the 1014

Postby dkosteniov » Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:55 pm

just bought 10 pieces of the 1014 in order to operate my house as a smart home.
the relays are connected to a raspberry PI through a usb hub (i've connected 2 of them but planning to manage 4) and they get the commands to open and close the circuits from the PI.
When I connect them directly to a PC thought the hub they work great but once I do so with the PI the relays work wierdly: sometimes they complete the task of closing the circuit and then let go after a while (different times) and sometimes it seems that the light just jumps on-off and goes back to the mode it was in before.
I suspect that the 5V that the hub gives it isnt providing enough current. I'm planing to buy a hub with an AC adapter hopefully it will work, any thoughts of other solutions?
thank you.

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Re: problems with the 1014

Postby erik » Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:41 pm

Your suspicions are correct. Each relay on the 1014 requires approximately 100mA (~400mA when all relays are activated) to keep it energized. When you are using a self-powered hub, with 4-ports for example, all four ports need to share the 500mA maximum current draw that the hub can get from the USB controller on the PC (or RaspPi). In addition, the USB port on the RaspPi cannot provide the full 500mA to any connected device. I think it can only provide 150mA - you'll have to check the specs.

But in the end, an externally powered hub is able to control your relays as long as the AC adapter can provide enough power.

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