Digitial Output Voltage too low on 8/8/8 interface board

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Digitial Output Voltage too low on 8/8/8 interface board

Postby t7653jm » Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:43 pm

I recently bought a 1018 I/O board and some 3952 solid state relays. I checked out the board initially by running the interface kit program and hooking up LEDs to all 8 Digital Output channels. I monitored the voltage of digout 1 while driving an LED on each of the 8 digout channels. When each channel is driving an LED the voltage across digout 1 drops to 2V. If I put my voltmeter across digout 1 with no LEDs connected I get 5V.

Also if I connect digout 1 directly across a single 3953 SSR board that I bought from the phidgets website, the voltage drops to 2V. This is not enough voltage to cause the circuit to close on the high side of the 3953.

I bought the hardware expecting to drive 8 of the 3953 SSRs but it seems that it can't even drive 1.

Any suggestions?

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