Plugging in a USB hub causes reset?

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Plugging in a USB hub causes reset?

Postby thebeerbaron » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:46 pm

Hi folks,

We ran into interesting behavior with our 1011 this morning.

The 1011 is plugged into a USB hub (A). When another hub (B) is plugged into hub A, the 1011 resets. We've tried several iterations of this, with up to three hubs, but every time a new hub is plugged in, no matter where in the chain it is, the 1011 resets (no matter where it is), losing the output state.

Plugging a USB device into the hub with the 1011 does not cause a reset.

With the 1011 plugged directly into the computer (Mac Mini), we can plug in hubs without encountering a reset.

Is this a USB "feature"? Would powered USB hubs not cause this behavior?

We're using the 1011 and a 3052 to control the 5V line on one of the hub ports, a poor man's way of plugging/unplugging the downstream hub. Don't worry, we've encountered the resets even when we're not interfering with the USB devices.

Thanks for your advice,

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Re: Plugging in a USB hub causes reset?

Postby Patrick » Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:25 pm

It's a voltage issue - plugging in the hub causes a voltage drop and resets the Phidget - you should move to a powered hub.


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