1002 PhidgetAnalog - doesn't reset when closed

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1002 PhidgetAnalog - doesn't reset when closed

Postby wjousts » Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:44 pm

Maybe this is by design rather than a bug, but I noticed when using the 1002 PhidgetAnalog that when you close your connection to the board, it doesn't automatically reset the voltages to zero or disable the analog outputs. This is even true when using the Phidget Control panel. If you open the control panel, set channel 0 to say 5v and enable it. Then close the control panel for the 1002, you'll still have 5V on that channel. If you close the control panel complete (and quit it in the task bar) you still have 5V. This is okay, but it really ought to be noted in the manual, IMHO.

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Re: 1002 PhidgetAnalog - doesn't reset when closed

Postby Patrick » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:26 am

Yes, this is true of all Phidgets - they maintain their state across open/close. This is because from the Phidget's point of view, it does not see open/close events - it just sees 'read state' and 'set state' messages - there is no reliable way to disable outputs on close in all circumstances (ie. a program crash), so we don't even try.

Some of our examples (ie. motor controller) disable the outputs on exit explicitly.


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