Pushbuttons and digital Inputs on the 1019 and 1012

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Pushbuttons and digital Inputs on the 1019 and 1012

Postby gradient » Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:46 am

Hi There,
I have a project where I need to use one 8/8/8 with the 6 usb hub IFK for analog sensors and 9 digital inputs for pushbuttons ( 8 on the the 1019 IFK and 1 (!) on the 1012 IFK I´ll might be adding something else to the the rest of the digital inputs on the 1012 later on though..
The pushbuttons need only to function like off (on)
I am completely new to electronics so this might be some stupid questions..

Basically is it just to wire the pushbuttons (regardless of type) to the digital inputs and that´s it. or?

If not:
What do I have to keep in mind when I decide what kind of pushbuttons I am gonna use in terms of A and VDC ?
For example can I use these ones?:
http://www1.elfa.se/elfa~eu_en/go.jsp?s ... =35-525-02

( 8 of these on the 1019 and 1 on the 1012)

The 1012 is going to be connected to the 1019 usb hub (with power adapter) Is it going to draw power to the digital inputs from the 1019?
Well, How can I do this?
The project is a part of an installation so it has to be stable.
Any help is much appreciated

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Re: Pushbuttons and digital Inputs on the 1019 and 1012

Postby Patrick » Mon Jul 27, 2009 10:06 am

The product manuals explain how the digital inputs work. The 1019 and 1012 have different types of digital inputs.


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