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Sending data from Android to phidgets

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:17 am
by Alessandro
Hi Guys,
I'm very new with Phidgets.
I usually work with Android (developing Android apps) and I've also worked with Arduino.

Now I have to develop a system through which an Android smartphone app sends data to a Phidgets Interface Kit 8/8/8 via WiFi using an USB WiFi Adapter Antenna.
The only thing I succeded in doing was the HelloWord Example on Phidgets.
I've read all manuals and tutorials but they are pretty far away from the task I want to reach.
All the examples show how to program the Interface Kit using sensors. I think there's no example which manages receiving data from an android App via Wifi and process it. So I don't even know how to move.

I imagine to make a Java program and load it on the InterfaceKit and to make and Android App and load it on the smartphone and let them communicate...
Can you suggest a concrete start up example code?

Thank you all very vey much.

Re: Sending data from Android to phidgets

Posted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 9:59 am
by Patrick
This is just a matter of using the network open commands. The 8/8/8 must be attached to a computer somewhere that is running the phidget webservice for your android device to connect to over the network.

If you want to run the 8/8/8 standalone, this is not possible, and you would be better served by a PhidgetSBC3, which has an integrated 8/8/8 and can connect to the WiFi via a USB WiFi adapter.

You also have the option of connection the 8/8/8 directly to your android device via USB if it supports it.