Any other Phidget projects you've done not related to the above subjects
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Thought I should drop by and speak a bit on how I used my Phidgets.
I'm an undergraduate civil engineer (about a week away from finishing actually), and two key things we have to complete before graduation is a research project resulting in a thesis, and work experience.

Part of my work experience at a bridge building company we ran into a bit of a problem with a job. The local government required a bridge deck to be poured on site without the use of admixtures. Regulations state it has to cure for 7 days which typically isn't a problem, except they wanted the bridge to open in 4 days max.
Long story short, there's an alternate clause with the option of amounting a certain amount of degree-hours (which is basically the sum of the average temperature over an hour) which we opted for.

So we built a system for accelerated curing for on-site work (my thesis stemmed from this idea). Of course we had to record temperatures to confirm the clause was fulfilled - which is where the Phidgets came in.
I coded with VB .NET and used the 1203_2 ( ... _id=1203_2) LCD/interface kit.

After a bit of soldering and coding I created what was essentially a temperature recorder. It read every 30 seconds writing it to an Excel spreadsheet, saved every hour, and emailed a list of recipients every 6 hours about the current status of the system. It would email current, max, min, degree-hours amounted and a few other bits of data for about 4-5 different samples. Made a webcam with VB. NET so we could read the LCD display as well (using a laptop hooked up to a generator).
Maybe not the most complex of uses for Phidgets, but it has proven it's use to me by delivering quite a successful research project.
My thesis is about 80-90 pages long but if you really want a copy I could send you it.

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