Duct Temperature Monitoring

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Duct Temperature Monitoring

Postby kingbode » Wed May 12, 2010 12:34 pm

Dear All,
I'm about to make a project to monitor the Temperature of Air Conditioning Ducts that feed 10 Important devices and also I need to monitor the Air flow of the main Duct from the point of is there a flow or not? ( I don't need value , Just on/off )

so I searched the Phidgets site and found temperature sensor 3108 with Probe and I need to know is it good for this purpose and how could I fix it to the Duct?

second thing can I use this temperature sensor to input to 1018 or should I use 1048

and for the Air flow I foud Gas Pressure Sensor 1115, and my question is can I use it to sense the Air flow inside the Duct and how to fix it inside the Duct? and should I use 1018 as Input kit for this sensor?

and finally to gather all these inputs and monitor them on a software running on a PC, say that I used 3 x 1048 to read 10 temperature sensors and 1018 to read the air flow and plugged all of them to USB ports , in this case can I write one software to read from all these Input boards individually and dipl;ay the result in one interface, does each kit has an addres or what, please help , I'm new to phidgets and I want to be confident before I buy this Products,
any help will be appreciated.
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Re: Duct Temperature Monitoring

Postby fraser » Wed May 12, 2010 1:42 pm

The 3108 is a thermocouple so you would need to use the 1048 for measuring the temperature with the 3108.

and yes you can connect multiple 1048's to the same computer, run them together on one software application, and display the data of each individual temperature.

So this project is definitely do-able. Don't worry about that.


Re: Duct Temperature Monitoring

Postby Robert » Wed May 12, 2010 3:13 pm

For measuring the temperature within an air duct, a 3107 might be a better option. The 3108 is a hand-held probe with a long metal tip. It's meant for things like sticking it into a piece of meat, or soil. The 3107 is much smaller, you could drill a small hole in the duct, insert 1/2" of the sensor, and apply some foil tape over top.

The output of a thermocouple can't be directly plugged into an interface kit, it needs to be plugged in to either a 1048, or 1051.

The pressure sensor might work for airflow. You would either place the entire sensor inside the duct, or connect a small tube over top of the sensing element, and fasten this to the duct. You would then need to measure the atmospheric air pressure, use that as a base line, and read the pressure within your pipe. The pressure may be too small to properly measure though, depending on your air flow.


Re: Duct Temperature Monitoring

Postby kingbode » Wed May 12, 2010 10:50 pm

thanks so much for your replies, but one more thing

regarding sensing the temperature you said is to insert around 1/2" inside the duct but another opinion said is to measure most correct value I should use a temperature sensors with probe that should hit the center point of th duct

the other question what about wires length that connect from the temperature sensors to the 1048 and then the USB cables that should reach to the PC in some where infront of the user , are there any limitation on the length, may be the signal will have some attenuation if I used long cables as I should use as the Duct is around 3m hieght + there are 10 Ducts + the Air flow should be read from Duct on a 8 m hieght

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Re: Duct Temperature Monitoring

Postby Patrick » Thu May 13, 2010 9:07 am

USB cable length is limited to 15 feet. If you want to extend the thermocouple wires, you will need to get some thermocouple extension wire. This page talks about extending thermocouples, maximum wire length, etc.: http://www.omega.com/prodinfo/thermocouplewire.html

You may also want to look at the 1124 - Precision Temperature Sensor, which connects to the 8/8/8 - this is an IC based sensor, I'm not sure if it would match your needs.


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