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waitForAttachment error

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 2:03 pm
by dxc536

I understand phidgits21 is no longer supported, but since I have it my phidgets integrated with matlab, I'm still using it.

I'm using the analogin_mod.m function in a while loop where I'm getting updated values from a bendsensor.

I've recently upgraded my computer and will now unreliably run into an issue where the program "Could not open InterfaceKit" in the middle of the loop.

I open the device outside of the loop and do not close it until the loop is complete.

When the program crashes I'm find that instead of:

calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidget_waitForAttachment', phid, 500) = 0

the following occurs.

calllib('phidget21', 'CPhidget_waitForAttachment', phid, 500) = 13

any idea why I'm running into this issue? I don't understand why the device will become unattached after its opened? I've tried changing 500 to 0 and it appears to be working, but there is a delay in the code because it may take longer than 500 ms to attached again, where sometimes it's attached immediately (e.g. 1ms).