Digital Liquid Flow Regulator

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Digital Liquid Flow Regulator

Postby bartaaa404 » Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:19 pm

Hi guys,

One suggestion I have had for a while and been wishing for a year now is I would like to see some-sort of liquid flow regulator, preferably for water. Basically, something that can either allow or shutoff waterflow - digitally from USB. If you guys do that, phidgets will open up to a whole class of new projects for commercial hydroponics & aquaponics.

Back in the day I build a aquaponics system (Here is my video: ) and I now I was planning of doing somesort of automated-aquaponics setup.

Again, just a suggestion. So please think it over. Honestly though, I would like a three-phase brushless motor controller very much so as well!

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