Modifying the Simple-Stepper program to remove getchar

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Modifying the Simple-Stepper program to remove getchar

Postby bluwavguy » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:00 pm


I'm running the simple-stepper.c program and have modifed it to set the current, accel, veloc and can control the motor...using the 1067 controller and a raspberryPi3.

Now. I am missing some understanding of the useage of the getchar() function as when I start modifying the code to go one direction for a set amount of steps and then to reverse the same amount of steps I can only perform this operation as shown below. If I am correct in my recall, as I've been messing with this code for hours...if I remove any of the 3 getchar() functions the routine does not function as desired. I'm working towards runnnig the stepper without user input. Tried creating while loops, delays, and not sure what i need to code as I don't understand the intimacies of C vs needed delay times between the function calls...or??

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Brian

This is just part of code where steps1-4 were located to where the stepper is disengaged.

//keep displaying stepper event data until user input is read

printf("Press any key to continue as we are about to start\n");

CPhidgetStepper_setCurrentPosition(stepper, 0, 0);
printf("Current Position within If loop: %lld\n", curr_pos);
CPhidgetStepper_setEngaged(stepper, 0, 1);
CPhidgetStepper_setTargetPosition(stepper, 0,34000);


printf("Current Position within If loop: %lld\n", curr_pos);
CPhidgetStepper_setCurrentPosition(stepper, 0, 0);
CPhidgetStepper_setTargetPosition(stepper, 0, -34000);


// printf("Press any key to end the stepper function\n");
// getchar();
CPhidgetStepper_setEngaged(stepper, 0, 0);
CPhidgetStepper_setCurrentPosition(stepper, 0, 0);

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Re: Modifying the Simple-Stepper program to remove getchar

Postby LucasP » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:06 pm

This function is what you are looking for:

Code: Select all


Note: this function only lets you know if commands are being sent to the motor. The 1067 has no way of knowing if the shaft is actually moving or not.

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