Strange behavior - 1129 touch sensors & PhidgetInterfaceKit

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Strange behavior - 1129 touch sensors & PhidgetInterfaceKit

Postby johncohn » Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:45 am

Nube alert: I'm new to Phidgets and new to Max-Msp (though my son Max is a pro at it :-)
I'm trying to use 4 1129 touch sensors with a PhidgetTextLCD and PhidgetInterfaceKit. My first experiment is to trigger a different note whenever one or more of the touch sensors are activated. I can easily get to the point that I can read the sensor values. That is, I can see the appropriate number boxes switch from 0 to 1 when I cover 1 or more of the sensors in the patch attached below.
What's baffling me now is that when I try to pass those correct logical elements into makenote to get my sounds.. all of the notes sound even though only one of the sensors is active. You can see this in the button flashes in the attached patch. If I disconnect the PhidgetInterfaceKit from the numbers that monitor its output and manually set the number boxes .. things function fine.. ie I can trigger the notes individually. This leads me to believe it's something funny in the PhidgetInterfaceKit . My thought was the sample rate setting. I've tried 1ms polling.. and the -1 input change triggered mode.. and both have the same funky result..

What am I doing wrong ? Any help appreciated !

here's a link to a picture of the patch ... /touch.jpg

(for some reason the IMG embed in the BB don't work for me)

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Re: Strange behavior - 1129 touch sensors & PhidgetInterface

Postby mphi » Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:44 am

Everytime one of the analog sensors senses a a change, the unpack object updates each output. This causes all the notes to trigger at once. You will have to pass the the sensor value/s through a filter to get your desired result. Take a look at the change Max object.

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