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RFID 1023

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:15 pm
by liaobon
I have just bought Phidget RFID 1023. I tried the help patch of Maxmsp when I use the 'PhidgetRFID' object, i press read, the generated set after the object 'prepend set' is unstable, e.g. 003b01000

I have also tried to follow the manual which suggests the 'PhidgetInterfacekit' patch and to replace 'PhidgetInterfacekit' with 'PhidgetRFID' object with the same setting...the max window said cannot 'doesnt understand'... Interestingly, the generated set in max window, 'doesnt understand 0107c3a3af' and 'doesnt understand 0107c3a889' seems to coorespond to the relevant card...

So I would like to know why is it saying 'doesnt understand' and am I on the right track to detect RFID Card with either the PHIDGETRFID in patch or modified manual one?

Thanks for Guiding!
Please Response to my enquiriesss as to encourage a beginner