Help with jamoma (j.mod.motion%) in Max/MSP

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Help with jamoma (j.mod.motion%) in Max/MSP

Postby ComEnvironments » Sun May 24, 2009 4:47 am



Urgent need of applying two patches into one in Max/MSP window.

Been working on this for days, and have the project due tomorrow..... :( , bare in mind programming is not of my specialties :? . Basically i want the (j.mod.motion%) to be some how connected into the (egal_movement) script that i've written. Now how do i get the video feed, from my webcam to play in it?? any ideas? how could it run through.....

If not could i connect the two scripts separately somehow??? with like a command??? (s_out) (r_out)?? i just don't know where to make the connections for them??

I've basically given up all hope.............could anyone help me in any way?, i would be forever grateful ~

Thank you everyone - will be awaiting anyones helpful response. :P
The written script, records the videos, from jamoma and analysis the x and y, distance calibration of a webcam.
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