MaxMSP/ tag reading issues!

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MaxMSP/ tag reading issues!

Postby aliaof » Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:02 pm

Hi Everyone,
I'm having issues reading my RFID (EMF 4102, the protocol is correct for the phidgets reader I'm using) tags with the phidgets reader in Max5. the problem exactly is that althoug the reader seems to be connecting with max (i can turn the LED on, etc) wehn i try to read a tag i just get the message "tag" with no actual tag present. This problem has only started occuring since I switched to Mac OS X 10.5..anyone out there have some solutions for running the tags on leopard in max5? Ideally I'd like to solve it without any high level programming solutions..but I'm open to that as well!

any help would be appreciated!



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