help needed for Delphi & Prism 2010

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help needed for Delphi & Prism 2010

Postby quantlinear » Tue May 31, 2011 5:07 pm

Hi to All,

I have been trying to do a modification to programme file of Delphi & prism C++ 2010 which it came with an instruction by a programmer but i have failed to follow it, subsequently i failed to get it to work , I have attached the Instruction file "Read me first" below here,
I am open to any suggestion on the stages of the installation, basically i need a Lab Technical Advice. possibly any of you pro had exprienced such a grief with the Embaracadero C++ builder. your help and advice mostly appreciated.

Also this is link to the FTP files of screen record of the C++ files on my PC.
password: delphic++
Read me first !!! .txt
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