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1012 2 plus 1047 digital inputs problem

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:15 am
by hartmann

I have a little problem with a 1012_2 interface kit and a 1047_1 encoder connected to one PC (Intel NUC, Core i5, 8GB, Win10 x64 1803).

I wrote a test program which works fine on my normal development PC. However if I copy it to the NUC and connect the two devices, the digital inputs of the encoder seem to block the state change event messages for the first four digital inputs of the interface kit.
The funny thing is that this only happens with the .NET interface. I get attach events for all 8 connected inputs (0 -7) but only 4-7 trigger a state change event. If I remove the encoder's USB cable, all 8 inputs work again.
So, for the time being, I can disconnect/connect the encoder as a workaround - unfortunately I can't deliver it to the customer in that state.

The Phidget control panel shows the events correctly btw.

Is there something I may have missed?

Thanks a lot!

Re: 1012 2 plus 1047 digital inputs problem

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:06 pm
by Patrick
You'll need to specify your device serial number - otherwise the digital input that gets matched is unpredictable - ie. a channel 0 digital input could match digital input 0 on either the interfacekit or the encoder board, it probably depends on which USB port they are plugged into which will match first.