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VB6 / Phidget22.dll / VINT Hub, REL1100, STC1001, ENC1000, LCD1100, VCP1100, TMP1000

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:42 pm
by garyb
This sample controls a VINT HUB0000 connected to a VINT REL1100 (4Pt DigOut), 2 STC1001 (Steppers), and a ENC1000 (Encoder) module using API calls to Phidget22.dll.
This is a Work In Progress. The program works and probably contains errors.

Edit: 210126 - Async works (mostly) - Added Temp & Current modules
Edit: 190419 - Added API for VCP1100 - more corrections
Edit: 180901 - Back to FUNCTIONS (more stable) - ENC1000 Corrections
Edit: 180813 - Changed Async callbacks to SUBs. Made a few corrections.
Edit: 180808 - Added LCD1100 128x64 display. Made a few corrections.

To install Phidget22.dll - Download and run
"Phidget22-x86 Setup_1.0.0.20180621.exe" or
"Phidget22-x64 Setup_1.0.0.20180621.exe" ... _Downloads