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VB Calls to Phidgets21.dll - Stp 1067 - Enc 1057 - Ikit 1012

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:47 am
by garyb
This program talks directly from VB6 to Phidget21.dll.

It does not use the Phidgets Manager, Phidget21COM or the Phidget ActiveX controls. Instead, I'm calling the DLL functions in Phidget21.dll. Phidget21.dll must be in the same folder as the program exe or in C:\Windows\System32.

Function: Read the position of an Encoder (if attached), the state of I/O on an Interface Kit (if attached), and the position of a Stepper Drive (if attached).

I have only translated the PHIDGET ENCODER (1057), the PHIDGET 0/16/16
INTERFACE KIT (1012), and the PHIDGET STEPPER (1067).

To use with other modules, you must first create additional VB calls. These can be
translated from the phidget21.h and phidget21.c files in the C++ samples. I have included the 'C' code along with the VB translations in the code as a guide. This should also work with VB.NET.