How to sample at 1 KHz rate in VB6?

Legacy support with Phidget21
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Re: How to sample at 1 KHz rate in VB6?

Postby makoy » Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:47 pm

borisg wrote:I forgot to add that I'm using the latest version of Phidgets21.dll on all 3 machines that I've tried. One runs XP, the other two run W7 and one is 32 bit W7 and the other 64 bit W7. On the two W7 machines, Phidgets21.dll was the only version installed but I've still got Phidgets20.dll on my XP laptop which is my primary development environment.

Hi, sorry this is old topic, but do you still have Phidgets20.dll? I have try to found it with no luck. I have one old program and i cant get it work without it. So if you have it, can you please send it to me.

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